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Kanye West makes a new fashion statement

Kanye Vest.

Kanye buys a place for his valuables

Kanye Chest.

Kanye tells a joke

Kanye Jest.

Kanye West grates a lemon

Kanye Zest

Kanye starts a journey

Kanye Quest

Kanye gave his approval for a marriage

Kanye Blessed

Kanye reviews his own Album.

Kanye Best.

Kanye trashes a hotel room

Kanye Messed

Kanye takes the ACT

Kanye Test

Kanye throws a party in his own honor

Kanye Fest

Kanye visits the Czech Republic

Kanye Trest

Kanye starts a campaign for oral hygiene awareness

Kanye Crest

Kanye does a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU

Kanye Molest

Kanye is sent out for ointment for his lady’s yeasty sweetmeats

Kanye Canest


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    Kanye has an affair with his cousin. Kanye Incest
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    Kanye takes a nap Kanye Rest
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    Kanye comes over to your house for a dinner party Kanye Guest
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